Fabarm xlr5 vs l4s

Beretta A400 Excel VS Fabarm L4S

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Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jun 19, Messages: Okay im down to these 2 guns. I'm a beginner at Trap ,Skeet and will learn Sporting Clay later. I have shot the Fabarm and like it and fits fine. Can't find the Beretta to shoot. I have held both guns. And being a beginner I can't tell the difference. I know a good gun fitter later on if something arises. If I do get the Beretta without shooting it I am not getting the one with the kick-off system in case I need stock work later on.

I'm looking for some feedback from somebody that might have shot both guns or know the guns very well and maybe give me some ideas the difference of the two. I can find the Beretta new to hold but I can't find it to shoot. I'm tired of waiting and the good deal I can get on the fabarm L4S keeps going away because it sells out fast. And can't get another one for a while.

Remove Advertisement. Joined: Sep 13, Messages: 2, Location: Colorado. All else being equal that would drive me to the Fabarm in a heart beat. I do love the chokes on my Fabarms, they pattern really well and you can shoot steel through all of the constrictions. Fyi, the Inner and the Exis chokes will swap the difference just being flush inner and extended exis. Buy yourself a Beretta and then have a problem with it and you will find out yourself personally what the above guys are talking about.

Just as Beretta has always done in the past.The new Fabarm L4S Sporting semi-automatic. This could very well be your next new gun. The return spring is housed under the forearm.

The massive piston and gas chamber on the barrel are coated with titanium nitride for greater rust and corrosion resistance. A full profile of the right side of the L4S Sporting. This shotgun is a looker with its red features and sleek lines. The L4S has its oversize bolt release on the left side of the receiver.

But, if I had to be brutally honest, and someone asked me which design I shoot better, I would have to say the semi-autos. Why is that? I have thought about this and would tell you softer recoil is one reason. But the semi-autos are hard to beat in the recoil department. I am not sure exactly how to describe it. The best description I can come up with is more confidence in the move I am making onto the bird.

The semi-auto just seems to give me a stronger sense of surety.

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Recently I tested a new model, the L4S Sporting from the Italian gunmaker, Fabarm, that gave me that same feeling of certainty on the target I normally only feel when shooting my personal semi-automatic guns. The L4S Sporting came to me configured with a 30" barrel on top of which is a beautifully machined ventilated rib with a full-length center groove and a 3mm Bradley-style white bead at the muzzle.

I have mentioned this style of vent rib many times in my gun reviews. It is my favorite design of rib for a shotgun. The chrome-lined bore, chamber and barrel tang are not only highly resistant to rust and corrosion but also a bit easier to deal with come time to clean your bore and chokes. Typical of most screw-in chokes that accompany shotguns these days, they extend beyond the muzzle with a knurled head notched for a supplied choke wrench.

The Fabarm Exis HP chokes are nearly 4" long and are made of stainless steel. The designations of the choke constriction can be found on the knurled extended head in a numeric callout and on the body of the choke reading Skeet, Imp. These choke tubes are designed with a unique internal geometry that works to improve not only pattern density and uniformity but velocity and penetration as well. Combined with the Tribore HP inside diameter of the L4S barrel, the result is a soft-shooting gun that crushes clay targets and is fully capable of turning a dove, chukar, grouse or pheasant inside out.

This system makes use of a gas chamber attached to the barrel, a heavy-duty gas piston, hard-chromed action rails and high-strength return spring housed within the confines of the forearm. The gas chamber and gas piston are PVD coated with titanium nitride for greater reliability and increased wear resistance. The Pulse Piston used in the L4S Sporting uses a version of the piston that does not have the heavy Neoprene cushioning ring around it. This is used in the field grade 3" chambered semi-automatic Fabarm guns likely to use heavier-pressured loads.

The ring would in those cases expand when the gases are bled out of the barrel into the gas chamber and essentially slow down the action rod by means of the friction fit under pressure against the gas chamber walls, thus lessening the rearward impact of the mechanism.

This system works and works well. The L4S is a comfortable gun to shoot. The receiver of the L4S is made from high-strength aluminum and it, like all Fabarm guns, are proofed at a level higher than other Italian guns.

fabarm xlr5 vs l4s

This level of proof testing has been used by Fabarm since Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search. Fabarm HK Shotg Sort by Fabarm XLR Waterfowler 12ga 28". Fabarm XLR Waterfowler 12ga. This gun is in very good shape, It has never been fired. Gun : GA Sales: This gun is in good shape, there are a few dings and scratches on the stock and forearm.

It comes with a hard case a You may also know this gun as the youth, or compact Elos. The new Fabarm Elos N2 All sport is the most versatile target shotgun ever created. To reach this goal the engineers removed a considerable amount of Comes with case, manuals, 3 chokes and tool.As an aside, the company made pistols untilstopping after the effects of the Gun Control Act were felt throughout the U.

Today, the LS4 is more streamlined, but there is still an obvious flare at the joint between receiver and forend. The front underside of the aluminum receiver is quite thick, giving the forend abundant support.

Fabarm Shotguns

FABARM engineers were clearly fixated on providing a rigid engagement between the forend and the rest of the gun. Even more interesting about the L4S is the unusual attachment system. The deeply grooved red cap visible at the front of the forend pulls it against another red cap beneath the wood at the front of the magazine tube.

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Each of the caps are securely retained by multiple detents with the invisible cap doing the work of holding the barrel in position on the magazine tube. The visible cap holds the forend to the gun and is less likely to come loose since the inner cap takes the beating from the moving action parts. First, the recoil spring.

Second, the large gas cylinder. The piston is the usual Italian spool shape, 2 inches long and weighing 2. A rotating ring at the front seals the piston and scrapes against the interior of the cylinder, much like the piston ring in a combustion engine. This rides on the aluminum magazine tube, which has a mystery coating that makes it very slick and resistant to gas fouling. The bolt is perfectly conventional with a pivoting locking block that engages the barrel extension.

Starting at the breech, it has a long forcing cone. An abrupt forcing cone and adherence to the nominal. When the flexible plastic wad became dominant, it was possible to use longer forcing cones and larger bore diameters because the wad was soft enough to expand and seal the bore. This is a fairly moderate increase over the nominal. The bore then tapers down over a span of 8. Rather, it is a rounded bulge inside the tube bore flaring in either direction.

If you measure the full choke tube, inside diameter is. When installed, the tubes protrude from the muzzle by. There is relatively little visible flare on the barrel; it expands from. The ventilated rib tapers from.

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Greener or Maj. Sir Gerald Burrard.We listen to hunters and shooters and convey their messages to our engineers to push our products to be the best. Our products are made with the finest Turkish walnut and Italian steel materials using the latest technology. Melded together by artisans and craftsmen, the results are beautiful Italian shotguns meant to last under the most demanding environments.

The answer is yes, but we can do better. The new Velocity LR has an innovative ramp style fixed rib that starts at the back of the receiver giving the shooter the maximum length sighting plane for better target acquisition and tracking. The bottom line is that a better sight picture equals more broken targets. This rib is 11mm wide at the receiver and 9mm wide at the muzzle.

It features a style of matting the filing on the upper surface of the rib done to reduce annoying glare that I happen to find very attractive and functional. A Bradley style white bead was mounted at the muzzle.

fabarm xlr5 vs l4s

In my range testing the POI adjustments at the rib were done almost on the fly and were easy to accomplish. A matte silver titanium finish model is available. Joe Cunniffe informed me the engraving pattern of the black matte finished XLR5 will be re-styled in production versions.

This gives the eye a smoother transition from the receiver back to the top of and down the rib. Competitive shooters using the XLR5 Velocity will enjoy the over-size cocking handle that comes standard.

Both right-hand and left-hand models will be offered. Left-hand models will retain the left-side bolt-release button. You can remove shell from the chamber by pulling the bolt handle back without releasing a shell from the magazine tube. Shells in mag tube can be emptied by pushing in the carrier and pressing the shell latch against the wall of receiver. Fired shells are ejected out the right side of the gun left-hand models out to the left but slightly downward and in front of the shooter.

A strong spring positioned around the magazine tube returns the bolt to battery with more than sufficient power and speed. Press enter to begin your search. Pacific Sporting Arms — West W.Posted: Fri Jul 07, am. I know the l4s is 4 rounds are they the same gas system?

Fabarm L4S Sporting, the target gun

Check out vs. Posted: Fri Jul 07, pm. I've been wondering the differences too. With the exception of the additional red colored retaining nut and the permanently affixed forearm nut on the L4S, they look exactly the same. Well Randy it looks like you have handled both. I want it for a clay gun.

I am leaning to the xlr5 compact. Posted: Mon Jul 10, am. Is one more reliable long term than the other? A typical clays gun can see 10, rounds a year. Posted: Mon Jul 10, pm. I own and shoot 2 XLR5's.

Fabarm vs beretta

My AR is from the original shipment of guns to the US. About a year later I sold my Berettas and bought an LR as a back up gun. I have been shooting the LR lately and liking it a bunch.

The XLR5 is soft shooting and seem to like very light loads. Posted: Thu Jul 13, pm.

fabarm xlr5 vs l4s

Posted: Fri Jul 14, am. Unless you are extremely recoil-sensitive, there is no issue worth obsessing over. It is also fairly slow and ponderous compared to the FR or L4S models, but it is a trap gun, not a sporting clays model, after all.

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Posted: Fri Jul 14, pm. Posted: Sat Jul 15, am. Posted: Tue Aug 29, pm. Posted: Fri Jun 15, pm. Function and handling wise, there isn't a tremendous difference, but I'd call the L4S more responsive.Browning Maxus vs.

Benelli Vinci vs. Fabarm L4S vs. Remington V3 vs. Retay Arms Masai Mara. Even though it is now eight years after the burst of new autoloading shotguns A, Maxus, Vinci Browning has gone to sleep, Beretta has stuck with the A and filled out the line, the Benelli Vinci was not nearly as successful as hoped for, and so it goes.

Above: shootin g one of the prototype Browning Maxus models. Photograph by Patrick Flanigan. This is an unlikely comparison on several levels. The Maxus line has grown, if only in 12 gauge. This attempted comparison is only an attempt. As these six models have evoked the vast majority of autoloading shotgun reader mail, that's why it is being attempted. You might not think any of these shotguns would be necessary, or even highly desirable to take a dove or break a clay, but it hasn't really worked out that way.

Though in some ways this is apples to oranges, a lot of folks want one new juicy piece of scattergun to bite into and these six are among those considered.

Обзор ружья FABARM XLR5 от первого лица.

So, I'll do my best starting with the easily measured attributes, and moving on to the more esoteric areas. Vinci, MAX-4 Camo, 26 inch: 7 lbs. A, non-KO, 28 inch: 6 lbs. Retay Masai Mara Satin 28 inch walnut 6 lbs.

Maxus: 6 lbs. Vinci: 5 lbs. Retay Masai Mara Satin: 6 lbs. Remington V3: 4 lb. Maxus: No written warranty. Vinci: Five years. A One year. Fabarm L4S Hunter: Five years.

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